Free Wedding Speeches Helpful or No Help?

Free Wedding Speeches, What a concept,

You’re sitting in your couch watching TV on a Saturday night, minding your own business and then your Best friend calls you up, tells you he’s getting hitched and wants you to be his best man. You sweat, but can’t decline, so you end up agreeing on a toast at the wedding.

After you hang up the phone, you go straight to the net and search for? free wedding speeches

Statistics have shown that most people are afraid of speaking in front of a large group. This seems like many are simply nervous and fearfully shy, and speeches are indeed a very fearful topic, whenever we do speak in public, anything we say cannot be taken back, so if we do say something bad, the old foot “in” mouth disease appears and we turn red.

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But does looking for free speeches on the net really help us?

Most of the time you’ll find some cheap tips on how to make the perfect, speech or how to say it. Or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one that is already made, and you’ll just have to print it. But these wedding speeches tend to be rather, impersonal and very general, and if you’re the best man, you’ll probably just end up boring your friends and family.

So when making speeches, remember the "KISS" approach (Keep It Simple Stupid ) because simplicity brings about honesty and that's always the best way.

You won’t have to depend on free wedding speeches off the net if you have lots of memories with your friends.

What you are asked to do on a wedding toast it's to tell the people something about your friends, the ones getting married, how they were meant for each other and how you wish them happiness for the rest of their lives.

You don’t need a factory made,

Smooth flowing speech, all you need is good memories, and your genuine care for your loved ones.

If you’re still having the jiggly nervous stomach about giving your speech, you can follow these free wedding speech tips, they may not be ready made but they’ll surely help.

Forget the preaching go straight to the memories!

Most people give long winded speeches because they tend to give “unasked advice” leave that to the marriage counselor or the pastor, just give ‘em the memories. Most couples appreciate the nostalgia of a few well chosen memories. Find a funny or a touching memory you have of the couple and share it with the room, plus a few well wishes and you’re done.

Go for short but effective, rather than long and winded.

Many of us know that a long speech is very boring; you don’t want to dull the night with your talks of your childhood, and your games, with your friend. A biography is for a book, one or two memories are for a wedding.

Write a Short thoughtful Poem.

You may say that poems are for sissies but that depends on every person point of view. A Wedding Is a very emotional moment and it’s sure that everyone is in the mood for a little emotion and tears. What more better way to provoke those dams to break than a few well said lines in the form of a good poetic story?

Don’t forget to introduce yourself tell how you both met.

A simple “Jade has been my friend since high school and I’ve never seen her gaga over any guy other than Andrew” Makes a basis for what you’re saying, especially if you’re talking about moments in the newlywed’s life. If it was a trial, you’re the witness, and you’ll need credibility. Just imagine would people “feel” your speech if they don’t know who the heck you are?

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