Irish wedding bands are reflections of the Irish heritage.

Irish wedding bands are reflections of the Irish heritage. They contain artwork and symbolism passed down from as long ago as the 1st Century BC. Depending on the tribe, the time period, and the favored Celtic gods. Irish wedding rings contain various meanings and traditions. These wedding bands are designed with two knots woven together, which symbolize two paths joined together to love each other until eternity.

Containing one of the strongest symbols of marriage in existence today, Celtic wedding bands are derived from one of the most ancient cultures and traditions of the past. Its history dates back from the 1st Century BC. And because Irish wedding band designs are symbols, they have something to do with Irish people, their history, religion, and art.

Celtic refers to the groups of people who descended from one of the original seven Celtic "fringe" provinces of Western Europe. These provinces include Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Galicia, and Wales. These groups of people lived during the 1st Century BC. Celt was the name given by the ancient Greeks to all those who lived north of the Alps.

The Irish passed down their traditions and history through their artwork and symbolism. Their symbolism explains how they felt about life, death, universe and the result of the changing seasons. It also reflects the human spirit, the ambitions and desires, aspirations and fears, and beliefs of the Irish who lived two thousand years ago.Irish wedding bands are very popular because of their significance and symbolic meaning.

The oldest remnants of Celtic culture can be found close to Austria, Belgium, Eastern France, North Italy, North Switzerland, South Germany, Spain and Turkey. There is also the Celtic jewelry, which was traded by aristocrats across the Mediterranean because of its beauty and craftsmanship. Today, Celtic jewelry is worn by people all over the world. These pieces are so popular not just for their powerful symbolism but also for their appealing intricate beauty.

Irish bands are beautiful but many people choose it to try and connect with their ancestry. These wedding bands contain artwork and symbolism of Irish people. These wonderful pieces of jewelry contain various meanings, which reflect Irish people, their history, their time period, their favored Celtic gods, their beliefs, their culture and their traditions.

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