Money Saving Secrets for the Bargaining Brides Wedding Gown

Bargaining Brides Wedding Gown

Here are 10 Top Money Saving Secrets for you to Consider.

1. Rent your Gown.

Since the mid 1980's bridal apparal rental shops have opened in most major cities. Rental prices range from $75 for a simple dress to $600 for the expensive designer gowns. That's right, you typically can rent one of those exquisite designer gowns dripping with all those pearls and lace that would end up costing you over $1000 maybe even $2000 the rental would cost you under $600. Most rental shops require a $100 to $200 deposit. the dresses, which are professionally cleaned can be altered to fit. The only drawback to renting your gown is finding a Bridal Rental Shop nearby. We have found that helping you save on your wedding is very rewarding for more please visit

2. Purchase your Bridal Gown through the internet.

Most brides do not realize the savings they can find by using their computer to purchase their wedding gown on the internet. These brand new gowns can be found with 20% - 30% off online.

Your typical savings by using the internet can be as much as $200 to $400 which begins to add up as you proceed on your journey of wedding preperations.

3. Check the Classified Newspapers for your Gown.

We found some incredible bargains in the Sunday Newspaper. Sometimes weddings are cancelled or postponed. In some instances recient brides are willing to sell their gowns to raise funds for their new family. Just be careful to examine the used bridal gown before making your purchase.

4. Consider Custom Designing your Gown.

If you would love to have a expensive wedding gown consider having your local seamstress create a copy of the original gown that you fell in love with. We have seen some beautiful gowns that were created by local seamstresses. This also assures you that your wedding gown will be made to fit just for you.

5. Sew Your Wedding Gown Yourself.

If you or your family has a talent for sewing then this might me something you would want to consider. I believe that if you or your family helps you design and create the wedding dress. Their will be a hint of pride when you wear the dress on your wedding day. Sewing the wedding dress might save you as much as $700.00 toward your wedding.

6. Wear your Mothers Wedding Gown.

You might be suprised to learn that the local seamstress can inexpensively restore a vintage gown. Even if you spend $100 to $200 to have the Gown altered and then jazzed up to fit your taste or style.

7. Check at your local vintage clothing Stores.

A Woman in California once boasted that she found this beautiful 1950's Wedding Gown for under $200 at her local vintage clothing store.

8. How about a Bridal Outlet Store for Money Saving Secrets.

Scattered around the country are Outlet Stores for Bridal Designers.

9. Buy a Consignment Wedding Gown.

These Pre-owned wedding Gowns are often fantastic bargains. Best of all most of these Bridal consignment Shops offer a wide selection of Gowns for you to choose.

10. You might consider purchasing a Bridesmaid's Dress for your wedding Gown.

Most Brides to be do not realize how many bridesmaid gowns can be purchased in virgin white. We hope these Top 10 Money Saving Secrets to finding and purchasing your wedding gown will help. For many more complete idea's on saving money on your wedding please review the Money saving Secrets this collection of books has the ability to save you thousands on your wedding day. Read a collection of some of the best written articles on

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