The Bargaining Bride Press Release Best Selling Book

The Bargaining Bride

The Bargaining Bride is becoming the number one selling book on perhaps this is why?

Dr. Shirit Kronzon, has taught hundreds of students at the prestigious Wharton School of Business how to negotiate everything from their first job offer to their latest promotion.

Now she is going to teach you how to negotiate your wedding! If you are like so many brides-to-be, you will spend months preparing for the most important day of your life.

There will be dozens of decisions to make as you try to secure the best wedding gown, photographer, music, flowers, cake, invitations, and reception location without having to mortgage your parents’ house – or your own – to pay for them. Each one of these decisions presents an opportunity to bargain for a better deal. At the core of wedding planning is a skill you may not realize you need: you must know how to negotiate. After all, the cost of a wedding can easily exceed that of a fancy car or even a starter home!

The Bargaining Bride (New Page Books; December 2005) will help you get the wedding of your dreams without paying the bills of your nightmares. It will show you proven strategies to help you

save money on the most important elements of your wedding without sacrificing the splendor of the event, including:

· How to get that dream dress (or bouquet, or cake, or reception location) at a fraction of the price. · How to recognize and respond to common vendor pressure tactics such as “the bait and switch,” “nibbling,” and “entrapment.” · How to negotiate with family members and in-laws. · And much, much more You’ll see how effective negotiation skills can mean the difference between paying too much for an unremarkable event and getting an exceptional deal on the most memorable day of your life.

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