Cheap Wedding Invitations - How to Address Cheap Wedding Invitations?

cheap wedding invitations for the Bargaining Bride

Cheap wedding invitations it's sort of like buying a meal at an a'la carte restaurant.

In other words, everything is priced separately: the appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert.

With cheap wedding invitations, the entree is the basic design (the paper style and the printing). Thankfully, the price does include the envelopes (two for very formal stationary and one for more informal options).


There also are other "accessories" (appetizers, Salads, desserts) available but these are priced separately from the original inducements. Here are some options and a short description:

*Reception Cards (also known as R.S.V.P.'s) are just as they sound - a card that asks guests to tell you whether or not they can attend. An envelope (with your return address printed) is included with each response card. Most brides put postage on the response card envelops to encourage your guests to respond.

*Envelope linings add a little flair and color to your stationary.

*Your return address can be printed on the back flap of the envelops.

*Informals, used mainly as thank-you notes, usually are blank cards with your names printed on the outside.

Average Total Costs

The Average couple pays about $200.00 for cheap wedding invites and other stationary needs. However, fancier stationary can run two or three times that price. The average deposit is 50% down with the balance due when you pick up your order.

Fortunately, brides today have a myriad of options when it comes to cheap wedding invites; not only are the styles endless, but the suppliers are equally plentiful.

How does the process work?

Well, most wedding stationary are printed by big, national printers. some of these printers have a network of retail dealers (stationery shops, department stores). Others market cheap invitations through the mail they print up full color catalogs and do business over an 800 number. You can buy your cheap wedding stationery through discount buying services. For ways to Save Money see Wedding Secrets Revealed there's many ways to have the wedding of you dreams without having to put yourself in debt.