More cheap wedding tips and advice for your wedding planning ideas.

After reading all these cheap wedding tips and advice on this site,your first thought may be "Let's elope!" And, if you didn't question your sanity in this process at least once, we would be worried about you.

Of course, it's easy for us to sit here in our Ivory Tower and tell you that you need to keep your "perspective" while you plan your wedding. In truth, perhaps many married couples go through the anguish of planning a wedding. It's kind of like going through boot camp in the military but a boot camp for marriage.

If you do survive this

Then you'll be fit to join the rest of us on the other side of the fence of marital bliss..

Even if weddings are some sinister plot to initiate the single into the married world, this doesn't mean that the entire wedding industry along with your friends and family are trying to convince you that Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. They tell you that if everything is not Picture Perfect then you'll be subject to the wrath of the famous wedding gods.

The wedding is emotional and this complicates your feelings when you have to deal with all the bargaining and trying to save some money. God forbid the thought of having a cheap wedding.

In truth the single most big problems facing honeymoon bliss is Money Problems not having enough to pay the bills. We all want to live on love but the fact remains that money does buy you a little bit of happiness. Especially if your refusal to be over charged your bargaining for cheap wedding tips how to save when possible.

We hope that these cheap wedding tips will offer you some help in getting the most for the least.