Simple Cheap Wedding for Sense & Sensibility

Before you begin planning a simple cheap wedding determine the style of wedding the bridal couple wants. Remember your caveat:

Whose wedding is this anyway?

Like the gown and the shoes, the wedding has to "fit" the couple.I know couples who have taken their vows on a mountaintop or in a meadow, on a Ferris wheel or in parachutes, in boats on the sea, or scuba gear in the sea. All it takes is imagination and a willingness to make it official.
One of the more novel weddings I attended took place at Disney World in Florida.
Traditional weddings are still the most favored choice of bridal couples. There are varying degrees within the boundaries of tradition as with every style. Champagne brunches in the morning, with formal cut-away tuxedos and top hats or summer frocks and sport coats formal or casual afternoon garden weddings followed by hors d'oeuvres or a seated dinner, and the ever popular black tie required evening gala. If the wedding is to take place in a house of worship, certain rules of propriety will govern all elements such as ceremony, dress, music, and vows. Appropriate attire for a wedding in a church or synagogue is a far cry from what you'd expect to wear to a wedding in a meadow where the bride dances down the hill in a see through gauze frock with flowers in her hair and the grooms best man is his dog.

Themes can be woven into the wedding. Ethnic flavors, nationalities, certain flowers, places evocative of a special moment for the bridal couple.

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