The Tuxedo and the Wedding Etiqette Rules Concerning That Tux


Nowhere is the tuxedo and the wedding etiquette rules sillier than for the grooms formal wear with tails for a formal wedding after six in the evening. For example, they say you MUST wear a black tux after six in the evening. If you don't the vengeful WEDDING GODS will strike you down, ostracize your family and charge obscene amounts of money to your credit cards.

Now if your wedding is before six in the evening you can wear a grey or white short coats...but not if the moon is full. Most recommend you must follow the omnipotent "formality" rules that dictate proper dress for weddings that are very formal, just plain formal, semi-formal, pseudo-formal, and the dreaded para-formal. Just Kidding.

We believe all this is nonsense. The grooms and groomsmen should wear whatever they believe is appropriate. Who cares what time of day the wedding is? If the wedding is informal in a local civic rose garden, you don't have to wear a tux. We know we might incur the wrath of Emily Post for saying this, but hey do what you want to do. If you look good in a double-breasted tux, wear that. If you don't like that then look for another style. You get the idea.

What Are You Buying?

Actually most grooms and groomsmen rent formal wear for weddings. Imagine what would happen if the men had to shell out the same kind of money that bridesmaids spend on their bridesmaids' gowns. There would be mass revolts and street rioting. Fortunately, for national security's sake, most men's formal wear is rented. Typically, the groomsmen are financially responsible for their tux rentals, so basically you and your fiance's only expense is the grooms tux.

When you do rent a tux you get just about everything: jacket, pants, cummerbund, shirt, tie, cuff links, and , of course, shirt studs (little jewelry that covers your buttons and makes you look rich). Notice what's missing? If you answered "shoes" give yourself some extra points. While most tuxedos rent for $50.00 to $90.00, the shoes are often $10.00 to $15.00 extra. Of course it's more expensive in the major metropolitan areas (like New York City, where tuxedo rentals can top $125.00 and shoes $20.00). A small deposit damage waver is required to reserve a tuxedo.