Wedding Presents

by Debbie

The excitement and aura of weddings grips everyone and there is seldom anyone who does not enjoy attending weddings. Of course, it’s a different ballgame altogether when you are the bride or the groom!!! Then along with excitement comes responsibility, planning and decision making. This process has its own charm and appeal. Normally, people get married only once in their lives so this makes the occasion even more significant and special.

The problem arises when you are burdened with presents that you have no use for. I mean what can one possibly do with three toasters, five vases and three lenders???

In order to minimize the problem of duplicating gifts; it is advisable to do what I did on my wedding. At the bottom of my wedding card, there was a small note. The note read something like this:

“We look forward to having you with us on our special day. Gifts are not measured by their price but, by the thoughtfulness and effort put in purchasing them. Salik and I would like to tell you that your presence means much more to us than any gift ever could. However, if you really want to get us something, we have set up a small list of items that we require for our new house. The price range is quite diverse so, that everyone can pick according to their budget. The decision to inform you of our requirements has been taken only to avoid duplication and unwanted items. This will also save you a lot of precious time and effort in finding something for us. Hope to see you on the big day!!!”

Believe me; this little note did wonders for us. We almost got all the things we had put on the list. We also managed to avoid duplication and cluttering of unnecessary items. Best of all, so many of our guests came up to us on the wedding day and appreciated our straightforwardness. They told us that our note and list had saved them a lot of time and unnecessary window shopping.

For us, this really worked well for our wedding presents. Hope it does for you, to0.

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